EXUS 52mm Lens Protect 52 Marumi Antistatic MC Slim Thin Filter Protector made in Japan

EXUS 52mm Lens Protect 52 Marumi Antistatic MC Slim Thin Filter Protector made in Japan
  • Marumi® brand. Made in Japan.
  • Incredibly easy to clean. Dust does not stick.
  • Anti-static and stain-resistant coating helps to protect filter surface from dust, dirt, water and oils and also aids in cleaning of the filter substrate
  • Thin-profile filter ring reduces likelihood of vignetting when used with wide-angle lenses
  • Multiple light-blocking ridges, a satin finish and a black ink coating are all integrated into the filter ring design to help minimize reflections to promote more consistent light transmission

Designed to protect your camera lens, the EXUS Lens Protect is a clear, transparent filter with surface reflection of less than 0.3% that does not affect the visible light range. In addition to its excellent low-reflection characteristics, the filter features a new antistatic coating that protects the lens from static clinging of dust and pollutants, while allowing easy cleaning of water spots and fingerprints. The EXUS Lens Protect glass is flatter and stronger than conventional filters. Designed to protect a camera’s expensive lens system from scratches and impact, EXUS Lens Protect is essential gear for both digital and film photographers. • Water and Oil Repellency. The surface of the filter lens is specially coated to offer excellent water and oil- repellency. The surface repels water spots and provides resistance to fingerprints, and those few that appear on the surface can be easily removed. • Antistatic Coating. Stress-free photography sessions are made possible by virtue of the anti-static coating that inhibits static cling of microscopic dust. Even if the lens gets dirty, dust can be easily removed using an air-blower. • Ultra Low Reflection. Because the entire outer rim of the lens is treated with black- ink and features a special frame structure, the filter achieves ultra-low reflection of less than 0.6%. With suppression of surface reflection the filter enhances the camera’s lens performance to its maximum, achieving high-quality photography. • Teflon Coated Male Threads. Makes attaching and detaching the filter from the lens smooth and easy. • New Ultra-low Reflective Frame. The new ultra-low reflective frame features: • Ultra-thin frame design: just 4.2mm thick (not including rear threads). • Light-blocking ridges. • Satin finish. • Knurling. • Female Front threads to attach additional filter, lens cap or hood.
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